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Creation story reflection

My success criteria was red spice I compared the Big Bang, The hawaiian creation story and the rainbow serpent. I used ven diagrams to compare my learning. I think I could manage my time a bit better and get a… Continue Reading →

Emotive text

School Uniform We should so not have school uniforms there just a waste of money. School uniforms are a waste of money, why should we go out and buy 3 sets of each school clothing, it adds up to over… Continue Reading →

The math of a fish tank.

The math of a fish tank is in the volume or in other words how much water goes in the tank. Litres, fluid ounces and millilitres are all measurements of volume.     Example a small fish bowl would have… Continue Reading →

106 word challenge

Hi I am Sam and I love spiders. Today is the best day of my life my PARENTS are letting me get a pet spider! I think I will name him Fang. We are at the pet shop and I… Continue Reading →

Power of 10

Big idea

This is my big idea question

My show me

What I learned in blogging group.

In blogging I have learned how to put videos up on posts, how to add widgets or voki’s and how to add backgrounds. Blogging has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to keep going on with it. Keep… Continue Reading →

How to grind on skis

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