The tree house and. The geat prank war

“Come on Sam fight me like a man!!” I screamed viciously. “No way man you will just water bomb me.”Exclaimed Sam “Fine time out I need to go to the bathroom.” I said.
As I walked over to the bathroom I saw a bucket on top of the door. “Nice try Sam.” I said to my self I bumped the door and the bucket clattered down to the treehouse floor. I walked in and unzipped my fly and… Boing!!!! Sam had put glad wrap on the toilet. I let out an enraged scream and ran out of the toilet. Sam was standing there laughing his head off. Then he said ” I really got you there Ricardo.” Alright you want to play like that do ya. Alright you get that half of the tree house and I get this half. Pretty good choice I got the water balloon cannon and the prank war weaponry room. Uh oh I just realised he has the invisibility machine on his side and the carnivorous animal zoo. I must be one with Sam, feel his presence. As I said that I turned around to see a floating bag filled with pranking stuff. I let out a surprised scream. Sam started to run. But I wasn’t looking where I was going and smashed into a wall. ” Ooooowwwwww!” “Hahahaha.” I heard the giggles of invisible Sam. Then I realized I had to make a plan…
After hours I thinking and pacing back and forth dodging ever thing I can, even though I am Coverd I slime I have got a plan. I grab all the leftovers from the prank room and start to run to SAMs part of the treehouse and put an electric shock gumball on the invisibility machine. It crashes and I can see Sam. “I’ve got you now Samuel.” “Noooooooo.” He screams. I pick him up with the lazer whip and dangle him over the side of the treehouse. “Surrender!” I scream. “Never!” He screams. I lower him a little bit. “Ok fine I surrender, you win.” I pull him up. ” let’s end this and be friends.” I say to him. “Yeah I was starting to miss your company.” He said pulling himself off the ground. “hey Ricardo old buddy old pal can we get a pizza.” He pleaded. “Yes yes we can.”