Are you sure you want to do this? Said Ben. I am sure. I said. Well I’m gonna go get ready, see ya.

15 mins later.

I am walking up the hill with my skate board. I am sweating I am so nervous. What if I don’t make the jump and die? These are just some questions goinG through my head. I am suddenly up the top. I jump on my skateboard and push down. I am speeding down the hill approaching the jump and I soar of up up and up and then all of a sudden down down down. I hear a scream of a girl or maybe it was me, but it doesn’t matter i am falling falling to my doom.

I scream the whole way down until splash I land in dead mans creek. The splash of water made me feel happy because I survived but horrible because I didn’t make the jump. But I know that I will always be know as dead mans gap.

by Anton