This is my book report on Harry Potter 4.

The triwizard tournament is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series. It is about the different wizard schools that compete in three dangerous challenges. How they choose the students that compete go’s like this: The students aged 17 put their name on a piece of paper and put it in the goblet of fire. Then at night the goblet spits out 3 names. In this book however there are four names spat out by accident. Harry’s name just so happens to be spat out and he then has to compete. The first challenge is to defeat a dragon that is guarding a golden egg. The four competitors have to pick a dragon from a bag and they have to defeat it. Harry just so happens to get the most fierce dragon of them all. Harry instantly see the golden egg and runs to grab it, but the dragon see’s him and breaths fire at him. Hermione yells “Your wand Harry! Use your wand!” Harry use’s his wand to cast the summoning spell. His broomstick comes flying towards him. Harry jumps on the broom and starts flying away. The chain holding the dragon back snaps and it starts chasing him to the castle. Harry falls of his broom and just grabs onto a ledge. He jumps back onto his broom and fly’s the dragon to a bridge. The dragon crashes into the bridge witch falls and crushes the dragon. Harry fly’s back to the stadium and grabs the golden egg and makes it through to the next challenge. Mad eye moody the dark arts professor tells harry the golden egg is a clue to the next challenge. Two weeks have gone bye and Harry has not found out the secret of the golden egg. Cedric Diggory tellss harry to open it under water. So Harry takes a bath and he takes the egg with him. Moaning Myrtle was there to Harry ducks underwater and he opens the egg. It sings a song telling Harry their are merpeople in the black lake. The next day Harry is in the library with Ron and Hermione and mad eye moody walk in and says to Ron and Hermione that professor dumbeldore needs them in his office. Neville helps harry  put his books and he says ” If you need to breath underwater you could use gilly weed.” So in the challenge he eats the golly weed and jumps in the black lake. He grows fins on his feet and hands and starts swimming. Eventually he found the hostages of the merpeople. He grabs Rons foot and sees that Hermione is there too. He trys to grab her but the merperson ssays in a high pitch voice ,”only one!” Harry turns around and says,”But she is my friend too.” But the mermaid just hissed at him and swam off. He turns and sees Victor krum taking Hermione up out of the water. He also sees Cedric Diggorey taking Cho Chang. He looks around to see if Fluer Delacour is coming to get her little sister  but he then realiases that she has pulled out of that challenge because she was hurt by some grindylows                 (Octopus like creatures.) So harry then has to save Ron and a little girl . As he is swimming up to the top grindylows attack and he let gos of Ron and the little and they float to the top but Harry’s hour has run out of gillyweed so he says with the last bit of breath. Asendio! and he shoots up in the air and lands on the dock. Harry is awarded with second place for saving to people. 1 week later the third challenge is on  and that is to go into a maze and find the trophie. Harry runs into the maze and it starts closing in on him but he is to fast he runs away and turns a corner after a few hours of walking he sees the cup and he also sees Cedric.They are pushing each other but Cedric gets caught buy a maze root. Harry grabs the root and pulls it off of him. Cedric days well grab the cup together.” They grab the cup and transports them to a grave yard and instantly gets killed by the killing curse. Who killed Cedric? What happens to harry? I recommend this book to people who like harry potter and fantasy books.

By Anton