I decided to do my biography on Neil Ridgway he is my dad this is some info on him. When he was a kid he used to play soccer. He was famous in his town for scissor kicks and his nickname was ironside. Hey used to Rome the streets with his friends and have huge  go cart races. He lived in Peekhurst Sydney until he was 14 when he moved to Mclean. He explained it as a big change from city to bush. His dream was to play soccer for Westham England. He got pretty close when he got picked to play for the under 15s touring team and he got to play in Europe. His worst experience was when he was 8 and he accidentally spent his bus money on potato cakes and he had to walk a few miles through the city crying eventually his mum found him and picked him up. He loved visiting his grand parents and said he had really good parents. He explained the 80s as his favourite decade because the world was excited free and easy. When he was 15 he leaned to surf and his favourite place to be was main beach Yamba. He and his friends would jump of the top of the change rooms that are on a small cliff down into the ocean baths. He says ” We ruled that beach. In 1988 he met my mum then they got married and had Ella and Rose. he then in 1995  became the editor of Tracks witch is a surfing magazine. He said it was exciting because there was no social media so magazines were how people go. There entertainment news. In 2003 I was born (greatest year of his life.)  and a month later we moved to Victoria and he became the marketing manager of ripcurl. Where he still is now and he says working at ripcurl is awesome because he gets to work with the worlds best surfers and he loves it down in Victoria.

By Anton